Saturday, November 3, 2012

Take Time Out for IVMD

As we approach IVMD, I look for inspiration on something to write and find it in front of me. 

I came across an article written for my father’s retirement.  After a long career in the electricity industry, my father had reached the position of Deputy General Manager.  However,  it was not the position that he achieved that was the highlight of his career but a time when he and his team had an “8 month rush to build Tennyson package plant, a 10 megawatt station needed in a hurry to stave off nightly blackouts in 1952”.   QEC Newsline Published for the employees of the Queensland Electricity Generating Commission No.333 September 1986.

I couldn't help but draw a parallel to my own career.  It is not so much the position that I hold that motivates me but the satisfaction which comes from meeting the daily challenges of coordinating a large team of dynamic, inspiring, individuals.

Whilst my father’s career and mine were vastly different, I believe that we shared a passion for people, teamwork and meeting challenges.

Take time on IVMD, 5 November, to look at what you do in your role each day.  Look at the many interactions that you have, the satisfaction gained from meeting challenges and achieving goals.

IVMD is an opportunity to take time out from your busy schedule and invest some time in yourself to value what you do, to network with other Volunteer Managers and Coordinators and to share positive experiences. 

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