Saturday, December 29, 2012

What will be your goals for 2013?

One of my favourite Facebook Pages is Leadership Freak Coffee Shop!/LeadershipFreak

Yep it is a strange name for a Facebook page.  I came across it when I was looking at twitter # tags on leadership.  What I like about this particular page is that the author posts the start of a sentence and invites readers to complete the sentence with their own comments. 
The most recent sentence posted was this one:

My goals for 2013 include ________________

When I last visited the page there were 19 comments which included things like, being more organised, spending more time with family, blogging more, focus, growing professionally etc.

I have given this sentence a lot of thought and while all of the above comments are also true for me, I couldn’t help but reflect on the past year and on the experiences that have shaped my life so far.  Sadly for one family, 2013 will start with a funeral.  My dear friends lost a father-in-law/father on Christmas day. Another family I know lost 8 family members throughout 2012. My thoughts are very much with these people and others who have experienced such sadness in their lives.  Tragedies such as these provide opportunities for thoughtful reflection on what is really important.  For me this was truly a wakeup call.  It is not what is important but who is important. I am fortunate to have family, friends and colleagues in my life who provide friendship and insight.   It is my family, friends and colleagues who are important to me.  Now with clarity of thought and a different perspective I am able to complete the above sentence.

My goals for 2013 include
Stress less, enjoy more, carpe diem (Seize the day), be creative and just Be!

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