Monday, September 19, 2011

Blogs, Blogs and more blogs on Volunteer Management!!!

In Susan J. Ellis’ September Hot Topic Addressing Volunteerism Issues in the Blogosphere  she speaks of all of the wonderful information available on the blogosphere and explains the best way of utilizing this media via twitter and RSS feeds without getting information overload.  The internet has opened up opportunities to communicate on a global level.  We now have access to a plethora of information, all at our fingertips.  We can also connect and have discussions with volunteer management colleagues on the other side of the world.
I started a blog over a year ago on matters related to parenting teenagers.  For me this was a sort of therapy and hopefully was of assistance to other parents also going through the challenges of dealing with wayward teenagers.  With the experience gained from designing a blog, writing posts, placing comments and following stats I felt that I was ready to start another blog; this time on matters relating to volunteer management The purpose of this blog was to support, encourage and inspire people in the field of volunteer management, through sharing information and ideas to take our sector and boldly go where no one has gone before.
Prior to starting my blog on volunteer management issues, I visited and contributed to I-Volunteer because there was opportunity to have intelligent discussion on issues on volunteer management and volunteering in general. I have been fortunate enough to have some of my posts featured.  I am a contributor to the response page of the OZVPM Hot Topics which are usually featured every two months.  In October 2010, I, along with other volunteer managers, participated in the IBM Service Jam and was privileged to have one of my comments included in the “White Paper” . 
I also visit and occasionally contribute to other blogs  
Susan J Ellis Energize and
Martin J Cowling and
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  1. Hi, Wendy -- Thanks so much for sharing your URL when you responded to my Hot Topic. I was not aware of your blog before but will definitely be reading it from this point on. I've added you to the list of blogs on the Energize site and have subscribed to your RSS feed (which you might make more accessible at the top of your blog for other site visitors). It's great to have another strong voice for volunteerism in the blogosphere!

  2. Thank you Susan.

    I really appreciate you adding my blog to your list of blogs on Energize. I have taken your advice and adjusted my blog layout. Hopefully it will be easier to follow me now. Thanks again Susan.


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